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Ground Quartz (DTOMD00611 )
(AU) $6.30 (inc GST)

This hard transparent mineral has a slightly rough though even texture, unlike Wollastonite, which is relatively uneven. (Use Wollastonite for hard pastels.) Mix up to 50% Ground Quartz for extra ‘tooth’ for pastels or other media, with Matisse Background, Polymer Matt Varnish (water-based), Gesso, Clear Sealer, Low Viscosity Gesso or Polymer Satin Varnish (water-based). Also suitable for use on collograph plates.

Ground Quartz is ideal for creating surfaces for drawing in soft pastels or charcoal. 50ml bottle. Please note display image is where the quartz has been mixed with yellow paint.
(AU) $6.30 (inc GST)         Add to basket each  

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