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Jo Sonja Jo Sonja With the addition of Jo Sonja's Mediums, the same brilliant colours may be applied to virtually any surface using a wide variety of techniques. This makes them more cost effective than single-use, lower quality paints.

Atelier Mediums Atelier Mediums Artelier Mediums are used with acrylic paints to manipulate the consistency and properties of paint for an infinite variety of applications and techniques

Chromacryl Mediums Chromacryl Mediums Chromacryl Mediums are products which will change or enhance the properties of all fine art acrylic paints.

Art Spectrum Mediums Art Spectrum Mediums Art Spectrum has a range of mediums for both oil painting and acrylic painting.

Micador Aerosol Spray Mediums Micador Aerosol Spray Mediums Professional quality multi purpose sprays which are ideal for a range of artistic and office applications.

Chroma Mediums Chroma Mediums This range of mediums includes the incredible brush clean and solvent finishing varnishes.

Matisse Dry Mediums Matisse Dry Mediums An exciting new range of mediums which are designed to mix with other mediums, delivering stunning textural effects not previously seen. The Matisse Dry Mediums is based on a variety of natural minerals and man made additives.

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