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Lyre Easel (Ratchet)
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Lyre Easel (Ratchet) (AHSE0001)

(AU) $228.50 (inc GST)

Size: 66x87x231cm
Holds canvas up to 127cm

(AU) $228.50 (inc GST)      Add to basket each

Table Top Easel
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Table Top Easel (AHSE0003)

(AU) $80.00 (inc GST)

Size: 28x33x90cm
Elm Wood
Holds canvas up to 50cm

(AU) $80.00 (inc GST)      Add to basket each

Metal Sketch Easel
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Metal Sketch Easel (AHSE0004)

(AU) $97.70 (inc GST)

Size: 92x92x203cm
Holds canvas up to 137cm
Folds up to fit into carry bag.

(AU) $97.70 (inc GST)      Add to basket each

Artist Paint Box
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Artist Paint Box (AHSB0002)

(AU) $58.80 (inc GST)

Size: 40.5x20x15.5cm
Elm Wood

(AU) $58.80 (inc GST)      Add to basket each

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